It's Time to Confirm / Update your Child's Emergency Procedure Card

Tue, 08/26/2014 - 6:36am

It's Time to Update your child's Emergency Procedure Card

Updated!  90.3% of our students have updated Emergency Procedure Cards - THANK YOU!

While we are happy that so many students have updated information, we are still missing emergency procedure cards for 82 students.

Even if your child's information has not changed, we still need you to confirm that the information is accurate. 

If you have not updated/confirmed your child's information, we kindly ask that you do this as soon as possible.  Please visit to complete your card. When you're there, you'll notice that some of your information is already entered based on what you provided last year;  you simply have to add updates and changes. Click here for detailed instructions on filling out the card  (although we don't think you'll need these).

Thank you for your ongoing support!


Please note: You must have a valid HCPSS Family Portal user name and password to access the new ER Card. If you have forgotten your username and password or if you experience any issues completing the ER Card, please contact Ms. Angela Williams at  We appreciate your patience; Ms. Williams has received many inquiries and is responding as quickly as possible.